Carl Richards, The Behavior Gap.

Carl Richards

with Carl Richards

Director of Investor Education at BAM Advisor Services

Carl Richards, The Behavior Gap.

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33voices interviews Carl Richards to discuss The Behavior Gap.

The Behavior Gap

The greatest gift that each of us can give ourself is a greater sense of our own self worth.  Although the definition of success is highly personal, I gain an incredible amount of wisdom in observing those who I truly admire.  Having been in the financial service industry for 20+ years, I’ve often imitated Warren Buffet’s approach to business and life.  His business track record is legendary, and his ability to simplify the very complex makes him an unrivaled investment icon.  Certified Financial Planner, Carl Richards, wrote the book – The Behavior Gap – to help us simplify our financial lives.  He uses simple drawings to demonstrate the gap between what we should do and what we actually do with our money.  Here’s how you can gain control over your financial future …..