The Power of Unpolular

Erika Napoletano

with Erika Napoletano

Brand Strategist, Columnist, Devil's Advocate

The Power of Unpolular

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Moe Abdou interviews Erika Napoletano author of the book The Power of Unpolular and the founder of RHW Media

The Power of Unpopular

Smart entrepreneurs know and understand that their uniqueness is the greatest competitive advantage they have and it’s what sets them apart.   And while most businesses are trying to gain  popularity by getting as many ‘likes’  on Facebook as they can, Entrepreneur Magazine columnist, Erika Napoletano is reminding us that popularity is no longer important, and in fact, it’s probably the last thing you ever want to become.  In her new book – The Power of Unpopular – she’s passionately trying to convince you that being anyone other than yourself is a recipe for failure.  The most respected brands are brave, focused and inspiring.  They create emotional connections because they’re real, and being real always makes you one of a kind.  The  great Jerry Garcia used to say ‘you do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best.  You want to be considered the only one who does what you do’.  According to Erika, to achieve that type longevity and success, your brand should posses five key qualities – Personality, Approachability, Sharability, Scalability and Profitability – Here how you weave them together…..