Episode #415 | Robert Greene

Robert Greene

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Episode #415 | Robert Greene

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33voices interviews the New York Times bestseller , Robert Greene. Robert Greene’s new book, titled as ‘Mastery’ is releasing on November 13th 2012.

Attaining Mastery

Mastery is deliberate.  It’s the process of discovering your uniqueness and committing to becoming the best in the world at it.  It’s a journey that begins in early childhood and one that never stops.  It shapes how you see the world, how you contribute to society and most importantly, how you evolve as a human being.  And, as you move towards Mastery,  you’ll gain the ultimate feeling of knowing that you’re in command of your reality, other people and yourself.  So, why is it that only a relative few attain this power?     It’s been well documented that Mastery is not a question of genius or talent; nor does it have to do with genetics or luck.  It’s simply a matter of willpower, resilience and a desire to achieve greatness.  And while it may seem elusive at first glance, it’s actually innate and accessible to each of us.  After reading Robert Greene’s latest masterpiece, simply titled – Mastery – I’m more convinced than ever that our life’s task is ‘to express our uniqueness through our work.’   There are no accidental masters, but if you want the formula to move in that direction, Robert will show you how….