Episode #446 I Lee LeFever

Lee LeFever

with Lee LeFever

Founder of Common Craft, Author of The Art of Explanation

Episode #446 I Lee LeFever

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33voices interviews Lee LeFever, founder of Common Craft.

The Art of Explanation

The most consistent love of my life has been the arts; drawing, painting, making music, poetry…but my favorite is film because it  combines all these elements and allows me to say so much in so little time.  I’ve learned that telling a story through film is the same as giving presentations/explaining strategies/etc. The challenge is to clearly provide context in as little time and with as little detail as possible while informing and entertaining.  In the most successful of the short films I’ve made, the story always starts with the same plot devicet: It answers “Why care?” by connecting the audience with the protagonist. After that, the audience is engaged and cares about “How” the protagonist fares at the end of the film.  This is the same formula for successful explanations as explained by the master of explanations, Lee LeFever which you can listen to here —-