Combining Origami and Speakers

Michael Szymczak

with Michael Szymczak

Co-founder of OrigAudio

Combining Origami and Speakers

Combining Origami and Speakers 600 394 33Voices

33voices interviews Michael Szymczak, co-founder of OrigAudio.

Death of the Middleman

A few weeks ago, we interviewed Kamal Ravikant who made it apparent that there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur than now.  With the emergence of the Internet, the middleman withered away.  One of the biggest costs that was eliminated is advertising – something virtually any startup can do with enough uniqueness and creativity in terms of utilizing new media and staying in line with what’s how and how people are getting their information.  One of the best entrepreneurial examples of this is Michael Szymczak, co-founder of OrigAudio, a multimillion-dollar and internationally renowned company who hasn’t spent a dime on advertising to date.  He explains how he does it here —