Episode #450 I Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins

with Mark Hopkins

Author, entrepreneur, and founder of Crescendo Capital Partners.

Episode #450 I Mark Hopkins

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33voices interviews Mark Hopkins, founder of Crescendo Capital Partners.

Shortcut to Prosperity

In 1998, I came across a book – The Fifth Discipline –  that I felt was way ahead of it’s time.  The author, Peter Senge, helped me re-imagine what it was like to build a learning organization.  In such a place, learning is valued because it’s what inspires us to continually recreate ourselves, re-perceive the world and our relationship to it; and above all, it’s where we extend our capacity to create, to invent and to be part of the generative process of life.  There are certainly no – Shortcuts to Prosperity – but if you start with a farsighted vision, and an honest assessment of your current reality, you’ll discover that what’s missing is where your greatest opportunity lies.  Senge calls it ‘creative tension’ and Mark Hopkins shows you how to harness its power ——