Episode #451 I MeiMei Fox

MeiMei Fox

with MeiMei Fox

Author, Ghostwriter, Freelance Editor of Non-Fiction Health, Wellness, Spirituality, & Psychology Books

Episode #451 I MeiMei Fox

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33voices interviews MeiMei Fox, bestselling author and yoga instructor.

Fear Less, Love More

Michael Jordan sees fear as an illusion.  To him, the thoughts that trigger fear are largely mind made, hardly ever real and always seem to project something that doesn’t exist.  So, why then does fear paralyze most of us?  The answer is simple, but hardly easy to internalize, and it starts with your level of awareness. Pause for a moment and reflect on the past hour – how much of your thoughts can you recall?  chances are, it’s likely less than 5%, meaning your life is on auto-pilot 95% of the time.  For MeiMei Fox that was unacceptable.  So, when she understood that all her troubles were a figment of her imagination and never real, she vowed to Fear Less and Love More –  Here’s how she did it —-