Episode #454 I Jeremey Donovan

Jeremey Donovan

with Jeremey Donovan

VP of Marketing at Gartner Inc., Public Speaker, TEDx Organizer

Episode #454 I Jeremey Donovan

Episode #454 I Jeremey Donovan 284 360 33Voices

33voices interviews Jeremey Donovan, Vice President of Marketing at Gartner Inc.

The Magic of a TED Talk

in 18 minutes, a speaker on the TED stage has to be extremely crafty when orchestrating her message. In a highly personal way, she has to capture the essence of a single idea, make it captivating, and perhaps more importantly, ignite enough passion to make it one ‘worth sharing’.  To her, 18 minutes isn’t very long, but to an audience who’s not attuned, it’s can be an eternity.  There’s no denying that TED has become the ‘intellectual spa’ for today’s curious mind, yet the greatest stimulus continues to be the ‘talk’.  So, what’s the magic?  It’s all in the methodology, and in his book – How To Deliver A TED Talk – Jeremey Donovan dissects the elements of what makes an “idea worth sharing” – Always start here —-