Episode #455 I Jill Geisler

Jill Geisler

with Jill Geisler

Group Leader, Leadership and Management Programs at The Poynter Institute

Episode #455 I Jill Geisler

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33voices interviews Jill Geisler, author of Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know

Leadership is a Team Sport

There’s no denying that Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis has been one of sports’ most inspired leaders.  For 17 NFL seasons, he was the Baltimore Ravens – his passion ignited his teammates, his faith gave the coaches a reason to believe, and his energy galvanized an entire community.  Watching Ray inspired me for many reasons, but topping the list is his relentless pursuit to make those around him better.  Like other impact leaders, he knew that leadership is the ultimate team sport; because unless we all win, none of us do.  In her book – Work Happy – Jill Geisler reminds us that ‘to be a great boss, you don’t have to be perfect’ but, you always have to be honest.  Here’s what you should not do, if you want to follow in the path of great leaders —-