Episode #458 I Cheryl Hunter

Cheryl Hunter

with Cheryl Hunter

Bestselling Author, Speaker, Coach.

Episode #458 I Cheryl Hunter

Episode #458 I Cheryl Hunter 950 950 33Voices

33voices interviews Cheryl Hunter, athor ofUSEIT: Turn Setbacks into Success.

The irony of imperfection

One of the most important pillars in my life is to live with a Beginner’s Mind.  I approach each day with a fascination of what’s in store; and although difficult at times, only when I let go of knowing, do I receive my greatest wisdom.  In Zen Buddhism, the beginner is open, eager and ready to learn, while the expert has no room for growth.  I realize that we live in a world that rewards expertise, but isn’t the expert someone who’s always learning?  In her moving TEDx talk, Cheryl Hunter introduces us to the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi – to further reinforce that life is a constant work in progress.  Listen and you might be surprised to discover the hidden value of imperfection —–