Episode #460 I Amy Swift Crosby

Amy Swift Crosby

with Amy Swift Crosby

Founder of SMARTY, Strategist & Writer

Episode #460 I Amy Swift Crosby

Episode #460 I Amy Swift Crosby 942 1200 33Voices

33voices interviews Amy Swift Crosby, founder of SMARTY.

The Smarty Way

Victor Frankl once said that “the point is not what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us”; and the more I’m around aspiring female entrepreneurs, the more I appreciate the contribution they make to the wellbeing of society.  It comes as no shock that the rise of professional women is astonishing, and it’s their collaborative power that’s having the greatest global impact.  I’m particularly impressed by the efforts of Amy Swift Crosby and her team at Smarty – because not only are they empowering women to reach higher, they’re providing them the platform to do so.  Here’s why Smarty has far reaching impact….