Episode #461 I Robert Cornish

Robert Cornish

with Robert Cornish

CEO of Richter Group of Companies, Author of What Works

Episode #461 I Robert Cornish

Episode #461 I Robert Cornish 345 250 33Voices

33voices interviews Robert Cornish, CEO of Richter Group of Companies.

What Works

Perhaps the most important question an entrepreneur should ask is, “What if…?” Those two words stimulate curiosity and present opportunity. Most importantly, it starts to provdide a path. What I observe in most entrepreneurs and great athletes is that although they become the best at what they do and succeed wildly, often they can’t describe how they did it.  So what if you knew that if you follow this process, the odds of success would dramatically improve?  That’s exactly what Robert Cornish did in starting Ricther Group of Companies and he chronicles his path in our interview here —