Episode #464 I Peter S. Cohan

Peter Cohan

with Peter Cohan

Management consultant, venture capitalist, teacher, author and blogger.

Episode #464 I Peter S. Cohan

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33voices interviews Peter S. Cohan, author of The Hungry Startup.

The Hungry Start-up Strategy

There is an incredible breed of entrepreneurs emerging, and while each is unique in her own way, the best seem to share a set of principles that tip the odds in their favor.  Without fail, it almost always starts with someone bold making a big bet – one that  creates a more inspired world in which they’d want to live.  Then, it’s about the relentless pursuit of talent and strategy alignment to make that dream a reality.   Fortunately, Babson College Professor, Peter Cohan gives us the Hungry Start-up Strategy – a blueprint for winning with limited resources.  Peter explains —-