Episode #474 I Ekaterina Walter

Ekaterina Walter

with Ekaterina Walter

Social Media Innovator; Bestselling Author

Episode #474 I Ekaterina Walter

Episode #474 I Ekaterina Walter 800 1200 33Voices

33voices interviews Ekaterina Walter, author of Think Like Zuck.

Think Like Zuck

Mark Zuckerberg is an immensely talented entrepreneur with a huge appetite to make a difference in the world.  And although, many still refer to him as the “boy CEO”, no one will ever deny his footprint on the social web as we know it.  Just five years ago, Facebook had only 19 million active users; while today, they have over a billion and their growth is no accident.  Under Mark’s leadership, they’ve attracted the brightest minds, baked ‘the hacker’s way’ into a new style of management, and made world revelations possible.  I happen to be a big Zuck fan, and when I spoke with Ekaterina Walter about how to “Think Like Zuck”, it was clear that his destiny is far greater than anything we’ve seen – here’s