Episode #478 I Robert S. Kaplan

Robert Kaplan

with Robert Kaplan

Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School

Episode #478 I Robert S. Kaplan

Episode #478 I Robert S. Kaplan 469 470 33Voices

33voices interviews Robert S. Kaplan, author of What You’re Really Meant to Do.

What You’re Really Meant To Do

There are moments in my life that seem to be permanently embedded in my memory.  For me, those seem to be the best times of my life.  As I was listening to Moe’s conversation with Robert Steven Kaplan, I was reminded of the summer of 2009 when I spent essentially every waking moment in a state of ‘Flow’.  Having a love for music, I decided to record an album of my favorite sounds, and for three month, I was lost in the art of creation.  What I remember most from that period, is the feeling you get when you’re fully immersed in a creative endeavor – complete euphoria and the only thing that mattered what the next thing I did.  In his forthcoming book – What You’re Really Meant To Do, Professor Kaplan shows you how to tap that unique potential – here’s a glimpse…..