Connecting Our Worlds One $25 Kiva Loan at a Time

Bob Hariss

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Radio Commentator, Writer, Comedian, 13-time Jeopardy! Contestant

Connecting Our Worlds One $25 Kiva Loan at a Time

Connecting Our Worlds One $25 Kiva Loan at a Time 260 350 33Voices

Moe and Bob discuss ‘The International Bank of Bob.’

Building Bridges

Over the past few months, I’ve been mentoring two aspiring professional athletes.  Like most kids, both grew up with the dream of someday playing in the NFL.  They excelled in high school and were even more impressive as collegiate athletes; still, they know that in order to reach the pinnacle, they’d have to magnify their work ethic.  Both come from challenging backgrounds, have little to no relationship with their family and zero financial support; but only one of them had the foresight to see beyond football.  Despite not knowing where he is going to sleep from day to day, the 20 year old, walks two miles each day to volunteer at a homeless shelter – he is convinced that by helping other troubled youth, he will be forced to improve his ways.  His impact has been nothing short of remarkable, and has reinforced to me the importance of perspective – only by living in someone else’s world, do you truly understand their circumstances.  For Bob Harris, that shift was ignited when he discovered that through, he can change lives, with as little as $25.  To date, Bob has financed more than 5,300 Kiva clients in 67 countries and although his impact is far-reaching – his work is just beginning.  Learn about The International Bank of Bob —