Episode #481 I Chris Trimble

Chris Trimble

with Chris Trimble

Adjunct Professor at Dartmouth and Tuck

Episode #481 I Chris Trimble

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33voices interviews Chris Trimble Adjunct Associate Professor of Business Administration.

Innovation is a team sport

Innovation is as much a mindset as it is a process, and few do it better than Pixar.  There’s never been a shortage of brilliance at Pixar, yet what most intrigues me about their approach is that their films ‘don’t get finished, they just get released’.  I know that storytelling is hard work; but at Pixar, it’s more about always shaking things up.  I’m reminded of a story I read after the release of “The Incredibles” when a senior executive asked if the project was ‘too ambitious’, and director Brad Bird responded by saying “if there’s one studio that needs to be doing stuff that is ‘too ambitious’ it’s this one.  You guys have had nothing but success.  What do you do with it?  You don’t play it safe – you do something that scares you, that’s at the edge of your capabilities, where you might fail.  That what gets you up in the morning”.  Innovation is plain hard, but when you put the right players together – it  can be invigorating.  In the fable – How Stella Saved The Farm – Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble give you an elegant blueprint.  Here’s how to start using it….