Episode #483 I Sophie Keller

Sophie Keller

with Sophie Keller

Best-selling author of 4 'How Happy Is' Books, Speaker, Yogi

Episode #483 I Sophie Keller

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33voices interviews Sophie Keller,Best-selling author of 4 ‘How Happy Is’ Books.

How Happy Are You?

Just like excellence, happiness is a habit – and a deliberate one.  It’s a state of mind that begins with a commitment to live each moment in a state of peace and appreciation; while never denying the ‘what is’.  That’s hardly an easy task, but as the Dalai Lama likes to say, ‘it’s the very purpose of life’.  Each day, the choice to be happy is yours, and yours alone.  There’s no denying that happiness is directly correlated with one’s level of success and achievement; but what’s most exciting to me are the longevity studies that overwhelmingly attribute one’s state of happiness to living a longer and healthier life.  Sophie Keller is a happiness ambassador, and although her pursuit of happiness is never finished, the place she starts is worth imitating – —