Episode #484 I Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas

with Jesse Thomas

Founder and CEO of JESS3

Episode #484 I Jesse Thomas

Episode #484 I Jesse Thomas 799 1200 33Voices

33voices interviews Jesse Thomas, founder of JESS3.

Data visualization

The ability to visually and uniquely display data might be the great competitive advantage that distinguishes your business from the crowd.   In a digital world rampant on new ideas, but short on attention spans, consumers want to capture the essence of your idea, and want it fast.  Few have been able to cut through the clutter like the creative agency – Jess3.  Fueled by the curiosity and entrepreneurial zeal of its founder, Jesse Thomas, Jess3 has turned data visualizations into an art form and regardless of the size and scope of your business, their approach applies to you – here’s Jesse to get you started  —-