Episode #488 I Jack Smith

Jack Smith

with Jack Smith

Co-Founder at Vungle

Episode #488 I Jack Smith

Episode #488 I Jack Smith 1200 751 33Voices

33voices interviews Jack Smith, co-founder of Vungle.

Winning at AngelPad

When you look back at your life, you’re likely to remember a few defining moments during your journey that have had the greatest impact on your life.  Ironically, too many of us miss more of these opportunities than we see, and when one persists, a rare few have the courage to trust their intuition and embrace it – largely, because its likely to call for a mind shift, or perhaps even, radical change.  That’s exactly the scenario that Vungle co-founders Jack Smith and Zain Jaffers faced in July, 2011 when they heard that a San Francisco incubator – AngelPad was finalizing their July program by filling their last spot.  The rest has been well documented, but what landed Jack and Zain into the thrones of Silicon Valley was a blend of ingenuity, Imagination and just sheer guts.  Within a few days, they were on a plane to San Francisco from London and after completing the three months program, they not only raised $2 million of seed funding, they’ve cracked the code on what’s evolving to be a promising untapped niche – here’s what we can all learn from them —