How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible

Daniel Burrus

with Daniel Burrus

Entrepreneur, Futurist

How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible

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Episode #491 I Daniel Burrus (2013)

Flash Foresight

Chances are, your relationship with technology over the past few years has evolved.  Whether you’ve embraced the efficiency of your smartphone, enhanced your productivity using the cloud infrastructure, or consolidated your music library with Spotify or Pandora – the one thing we know for sure is that technology is inescapable.  It’s accelerating at lightning speed and as consumers, we’re having increasingly higher demands.  The dilemma for entrepreneurs and innovators, however, is not only to keep up with this relentless pace, but, perhaps more importantly, to do it in the midst of tremendous uncertainty.  So, what’s a business to do to have greater predictability?  Futurist Daniel Burrus tells you to always ‘start with certainty’.  In his bestselling book – Flash Foresight – Burrus distinguishes what he calls hard trends from soft trends in technology and has continually proven that ‘hard trends make the future visible’.   He tells you that, ‘..once you see the distinction of hard trends, you start opening all sorts of doors to new possibilities.’  Here’s how you can start to discover your hard trends —-