Episode #495 I Howell Malham

Howell Malham Jr

with Howell Malham Jr

Co-Founder of Insight Labs.

Episode #495 I Howell Malham

Episode #495 I Howell Malham 1200 800 33Voices

33voices interviews Howell Malham,co-founder and director of publishing and media for Insight Labs.

The truth about strategy

Talk to five senior executives about the role of strategy in business and you’re likely to hear five varying perspectives that cross the chasm.  Strategy is one of those loosely defined terms that is over-hyped and under-utilized; particularly in business.   To me, it’s akin a new year’s resolution – you join the crowd in charting a new path for the year ahead, and before you know it, nothing has changed; only the calendar.   The great paradox in business, and life for that matter, is that without strategy, it’s almost impossible to get ahead.  When I think of strategy, I think of the modern day GPS – it helps me get where I’m going; but, before it can give me directions, I need to tell it where to go – and, ironically that’s where most of us fall short.  Howell Malham Jr, co-founded Insights Labs to help us streamline that process and his best thinking on strategy is captured in his latest book, I Have a Strategy (No You Don’t) Here’s what strategy is not —