Designing for GROWTH

Tim Ogilvie

with Tim Ogilvie

CEO of Peer Insight, an innovation strategy consultancy

Designing for GROWTH

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33voices, interviews Tim Ogilvie, CEO of Peer Insight.

Designing for Growth

Regardless of your business, without a happy customer; you’re just running to stand still.  Customer obsession is rare these days, so when a brand like Amazon innovates to simplify the lives of their best customers, they truly become irreplaceable.  To many of us, Amazon appears to be powered by analytics, but look closely and you’ll notice that it’s our habits that they’ve mastered.  David Kelley, founder of the design consultancy, IDEO, is one of the forefathers of design thinking and the great lesson that I’ve learned from him and IDEO is the power of observation.  Amazon is continually getting a greater share of their customer because they’re relentless at watching and analyzing our every click.  It’s that empathy for the consumer that distinguishes them and today’s best brands – it’s also what Tim Ogilvie callsDesigning for Growth.  His approach doesn’t start with understanding your mission statement; it starts with asking the following questions —