Episode #501 I Cy Wakeman

Cy Wakeman

with Cy Wakeman

Outstanding Speaker, Consultant, Author and Executive Coach

Episode #501 I Cy Wakeman

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33voices interviews Cy Wakeman, author of Reality Based Leadership.

The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace

During a recent interview with a young, high potential candidate, I asked him what his dream work environment looked like?  And his response was one word ‘Google’.  I then followed-up by asking, why? and he said ‘they bring out the best in you’.  While I admire his candor and his intellectual capacity, I think he and many in his generation are missing the point – potential is something that you own, not something that you delegate.  And, only if you’re bold enough to acknowledge that, will you achieve greatness in life.  I, too hold Google in the highest esteem and I know that their collective intelligence is off the charts; but the brilliance behind their talent factory, is that only those daring to do the impossible need apply.  They are a perfect example of why the workplace rules have changed, and Cy Wakeman tells you that regardless of your role there or anywhere, if you’re not thinking like an owner, you’ll simply not getting ahead.  Her new book, The Reality-Based Rules of The Workplace – gives you the formula for doing so.  Here’s a glimpse —-