Episode #505 I Brian Klapper

Brian Klapper

with Brian Klapper

President, The Klapper Institute

Episode #505 I Brian Klapper

Episode #505 I Brian Klapper 340 340 33Voices

33voices interviews Brian Klapper, President of the Klapper Institute.

The power of collective intelligence

Change is both challenging and empowering – the trick is in the balance of that tension.  Personally, I am a huge advocate of new, better and different; and I would argue that most consumers are unimpressed by brands who lack ingenuity and imagination.  As leaders, we have to have the foresight and courage to see a better future and ask, why not?   It’s our overarching objective to help improve the lives of our customer; but what many of us fail to see is the complexity that our ideas might bring to our other consumer – our employee.  The vast majority of organizational change initiatives fail, not because there’s a shortage of ideas, but more because they exclude the input from those on the front lines.  Fortunately, that’s where Brian Klapper’s work begins.  In The Q-Loop, Brian decodes the process of unlocking your organization’s collective intelligence and it starts with this conversation —-