Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future.

Dorie Clark

with Dorie Clark

Contributor to Forbes and Harvard Biz Review

Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future.

Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future. 308 308 33Voices

33voices, interviews Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future.

Reinventing You

One of the highest aspirations behind the work we do at 33voices is the motivation to help entrepreneurs stay relevant.  Earlier this year, I met a new friend who has sense become a huge source of inspiration for me.  Respecting his privacy, I’ll just call him Kelvin and the most crucial lesson that I learn from him each day is the power of agility.  After spending nearly his entire professional career managing the global real estate holdings of a prominent European family, he was abruptly let go in the midst of a family control battle.  When I learned of his situation, I had a brief visit with him to offer my help, contacts and more importantly access to the advice of thought leaders whom I felt would speak to his situation.  

Not only has Kelvin internalized their advice, he has since moved back to the UK, launched a technology company and has just released his first mobile App – all within five month.   I’m blessed because I get to be around people like Kelvin, but the inescapable truth of our current reality is that regardless of who you are or what you do, if you’re not reinventing yourself every single day; you’re falling behind.  Dorie Clark wrote the book, Reinventing You to help you continually redefine your personal brand.  Here’s her ideas on how you can prove your worth —