Fear Your Strengths

Bob Kaplan

with Bob Kaplan

Co-Founder of Kaplan DeVries Inc.

Fear Your Strengths

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33voices interviews Bob Kaplan and Rob Kaiser, co-authors of Fear Your Strengths.

Fear Your Strengths

Since my introduction to Gallup’s strengthfinder tool, I’ve been the benefactor of working with some of the most amazing people whom I’ve ever been associated with.  Soon after embracing the strength mindset, I quickly learned that if I wanted to get the best out of my team, my formula was simply to make sure that everyone did most of what they did best.  We aligned responsibilities with strengths and the end result was five times the industry retention, top 1% overall team performance, and most important of all, an engaged and ignited work environment.  It was an incredibly fulfilling period of my life; but did I take it too far?  

A few weeks ago, I downloaded Robert Kaiser and Robert Kaplan‘s new book, Fear Your Strengths, to look at the downside of strengths – and although, I’m still a huge proponent of aligning your strength, I’m far more aware now of what to look for to prevent them from backfiring.  Here’s what you should look for —-