Episode #514 I Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam

with Ramez Naam

Former computer scientist at Microsoft, author of The Infinite Resource

Episode #514 I Ramez Naam

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33voices interviews Ramez Naam, author of The Infinite Resource.

The Infinite Resource

What would you do if you were driving on a road for the first time and came to a dead end?  Chances are you’d do one of three things – turn around and head back, plug something into your GPS, or perhaps just ask Siri.  You’ll eventually find your way around, but its a somewhat helpless feeling at that moment, similar to the way some of us feel when someone brings up environmental or Global Warming issues.


Prior to familiarizing myself with Ramez Naam‘s work, I knew that we had issues, but I hadn’t realized the magnitude of the situation.  Naam is one of those highly intelligent thinkers who’s not only convincing, but presents practical solutions that will pave the way forward.  His latest work, The Infinite Resource, describes a future where ideas are at the core of everything we do, and when you couple that with the power of our collective force, here’s what you can expect —-