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Host of The Ken Coleman Show, Author of One Question

The One Question

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33voices interviews Ken Coleman, author of The One Question.

Questions are the best answers

I learned long ago that thoughtful questions are far more persuasive than popular answers.  Choosing sales as my first profession, I made a promise to myself never to offer something to anyone that I wouldn’t offer to myself or my family.  I had a deep conviction to succeed, but knew that in order to overcome my youth and inexperience, I had to be strategic in my approach; and for me, questions were the best answers.  

I’ve always been drawn to the likes of Larry King and Oprah – not only do I see them getting the best out of their guests by asking insightful questions; more importantly, I admire the rare trust they earn, largely due to their passionate listening.  Those whom I work with know that my highest priority is to be a facilitator, and as such to live by Lao Tzu‘s approach that “a leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say:  we did it ourselves”.  

Ken Coleman is a contagious interviewer who captives you with with the depth of his emotion and desire to help.  In addition to his daily, Ken Coleman Show, he decided to turn his popular “One Question with Ken Coleman” into a book of advice by asking some of the most intelligent minds on the planet just one questions – Here’s a glimpse —–