How We Can Reach Our Goals

Heidi Halvorson

with Heidi Halvorson

Motivational Psychologist, Author of 'Succeed'

How We Can Reach Our Goals

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33voices interviews Heidi Grant Halvorson, author of Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals.

Shift your focus – change your perception

The story you’ve been telling yourself about yourself is wrong!  Too often, we choose to convince ourselves that the reason we’re unable to do something is because we lack a skill or talent; and while in many cases that maybe true, in the end, it’s what sabotages us.  


I have a good friend, who’s a highly intelligent professional athlete destined to end his career in the hall of fame of his sport, yet the mere mention of money puts him in a state of panic.  I met him in 2006 and he quickly grew on me.  He was articulate, curious, and a man of rare character and ability.  Yet, it was clear from the first moment that the racial related self-doubt ruled his world.  While his brain knew better, the voice in his head kept reinforcing the lie that ‘he knew nothing about money’.  


Today, I’m proud to play a role in his life, but after speaking with Heidi Grant Halvorson, I am now convinced that success is much less about ability and more so about willpower and persistence.  In her book, Focus, she’ll challenge you to change your perspective on how you interact with the world – Here’s what you’ll see —-