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33voices interviews Eric Siegel, Ph.D., founder of Predictive Analytics World.

Predictive Analytics

According to IBM, over the next five years, big data will grow at rates exceeding 800%, and an astonishing 90% of that is less than two years old.  This translates to extraordinary opportunities for artificial intelligence.  


In 2006, a team of researcher at IBM began collaborating with leading universities on a project called – Deep QA.  Their quest was to create a computer that can compete on the game show – Jeopardy.  The computer had to quickly process vast amounts of complex information, understand and respond to natural language, and simultaneously use thousands of algorithms to find the right answers.  


In 2011, Watson competed and beat former Jeopardy winners Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings and received a $1 million prize.  Today, Watson is solving complex healthcare problems, making better recommendations for financial products, and rethinking education.  In his book, Predictive Analytics Eric Siegel tells us that Watson is showing us what’s possible as he reminds us that ‘a little prediction goes a long way’; and in business today, here’s why data is inescapable —-