CEO of Cheezburger and Co-Founder of Circa

Ben Huh

with Ben Huh

CEO of The Cheezburger Network, Co-founder of Circa

CEO of Cheezburger and Co-Founder of Circa

CEO of Cheezburger and Co-Founder of Circa 1050 750 33Voices

33voices interviews Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger and co-founder of Circa.

Five minutes of happiness each day

The great distinction of Iconoclast entrepreneurs is their relentless pursuit of greatness.  Steve Jobs taught us that better never stops.  He was a design genius obsessed with building ‘insanely great’ products that empowered us to celebrate our uniqueness.  

Tony Hsieh is a marketing prodigy who’s continually re-imaging the retail experience.  He taught us that the path to sustainable profits, passion and purpose starts with delivering happiness.  Today, few will question the impact that Jack Dorsey is having on the way we shop and communicate.  His Twitter network connects you to only the stories, ideas and people that you find interesting; while his Square wallet brings elegance and ultra convenience to your credit card transactions.  

Just a few years ago, another aspiring entrepreneur, Ben Huh, made it his goal to ‘make people happy for five minutes each day’.   What started as the, I Can Has Cheezburger, cat blog that he purchased from friends in 2007 has turned into a media empire with almost 400 million page views a month, a network reality show, a bunch of venture money and an imaginative way to share news.  Here’s the most important lesson that we can all learn from Ben —–