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Adam Leipzig

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CEO at Entertainment Media Partners

Inside Track For Independent Filmmakers

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33voices interviews Adam Leipzig, CEO at Entertainment Media Partners.

Shift the story – change your life

The shortest path to success in business and life is to make learning from others a habit.  Those who seem to go the farthest stand on the shoulders of giants – they mimic what they do best, and work hard to avoid their missteps, and above all, they let their example guide their behavior.  


Several years ago, I was invited by the great story coach, Robert McKee to attend one of his famed ‘Story seminars‘ in Los Angeles, and for three days, I was convinced that story is truly ‘the currency of human contact’.  Not only did I walked away thinking differently about my life, more importantly I understood clearly why we are the stories that we tell ourselves – “Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience” – They stretch our imagination, questions our deeply held assumptions, and above all, give us the power to silence the chatter in our minds and lift us to a better place.  


No one will deny that Hollywood can be a merciless place. However, when you share the perspective of entrepreneur and producer Adam Leipzig, you’ll win far more than you’ll lose.  Adam’s formula starts with courage, but its his research that tilts the odds in his favor – here’s why …