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Monster Loyalty

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33voices interviews Jackie Huba, author of Monster Loyalty.

The Making of Lady Gaga

The first question that I asked Jackie Huba was to ‘tell me the one word that came to her mind when the name Lady Gaga is mentioned?  Jackie, of course, is the author of Monster Loyalty – the inside story behind how the pop phenom turns followers into fanatics.  You’ll hear her answer at the beginning of our conversation; but for me, that one word is simply outrageous.  


There’s no denying that Gaga has built a larger than life persona – she has sold over 51 million singles worldwide, has a fan base that includes 38 million twitter followers and 58 million Facebook fans – Forbes has recognized her as the 45th most powerful woman in the world and it didn’t hurt that she took home in excess of $52 million in 2012, landing her at #5 on Forbes’ top 100 celebrity list.  Say what you want about the hair and makeup, but make no mistake that Gaga is as brilliant with the business side of her life as she is with her music.  It all starts owning her name, here’s what I mean —–