The Tech Contracts Handbook

David Tollen

with David Tollen

Attorney at Adeli & Tollen & author of The Tech Contracts Handbook

The Tech Contracts Handbook

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33voices interviews David Tollen, author of The Tech Contracts Handbook.

The Tech Contracts Handbook

As entrepreneurs, ideas are like oxygen for us – without a constant flow of them, we can’t survive.  In a world where ‘better never stops’ we’re either contributing to the future, or falling behind.  The very thing that gives us an edge today, is likely to lose it’s appeal tomorrow; and that secret sauce that we think makes our brand unique is destined to be replicated.  In business, people come and go and ideas belong to everyone, yet the constant pillar remains a solid legal foundation. 

Attorney David Tollen is a founding member of Adeli & Tollen, an intellectual property and technology boutique firm; and his highest priority is to protect your business.  His latest book, The Tech Contracts Handbook, is a blueprint to help you make sense of the premise of licensing agreements and contracts, & here’s why you should never delegate contracts —