What’s Your Purple Goldfish?

Stan Phelps

with Stan Phelps

Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Consultant.

What’s Your Purple Goldfish?

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33voices, interviews Stan Phelps, author of What’s Your Purple Goldfish?

The Purple Goldfish

One of the guiding principles in life for me has always been to add more value than I receive.  This philosophy has served me well both personally and professionally; and has been especially reassuring when forging new relationships.  Since the beginning, our singular focus at 33voices has been to contribute to the success and wellbeing of entrepreneurs. 

We do that by identifying recurring gaps in knowledge and experience, filling them with the unique perspective that only the world’s most progressive thinkers can provide.  One such thought leader is Stan Phelps, who reminded me that there’s no such thing as meeting customer expectations; you either exceed them or you lose. 

After reading Stan’s book, What’s Your Purple Goldfish?, I thought about why a good Pixar movie is never finished; here’s why ——