Selling with Noble Purpose

Lisa McLeod

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Sales Leadership Consultant, Bestselling Author, Speaker

Selling with Noble Purpose

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33voices interviews Lisa Earle McLeod, author of Selling With Noble Purpose.

Selling with Noble Purpose

In 2007, while a senior product manager at GoogleMarissa Mayer led a group of eighteen high achieving product managers on a sixteen day trip to Tokyo, Beijing, Bangalore and Tel Aviv to gain a global understanding of the impact their company was having on the world.  During their stop in Bangalore, and after Marissa presented the upcoming year’s product overview, a local engineer rose to ask “we’ve heard the road map for products, what’s the road map for revenues?” 

After a brief pause, Mayer burst and replied, “That’s not the way to think, we are focused on our users.  If we make them happy, we will have revenues.”  Much has been made of Google’s unconventional culture and unique approach to business, but no one will ever argue of the unsurpassed value that they provide to each of us; their users. 

I speak from a bias perspective because I’m a huge admirer of Google and what they stand for, but I am also convinced that Lisa Earle McLeod‘s thesis of Selling with Noble Purpose is what sets companies like Google apart.  The good news is that each one of us has a purpose, and Lisa gives you a simple framework by which you can bring it to life; here’s where you start: