A Leadership Course for the Rising Star

Kevin Allen

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A Leadership Course for the Rising Star

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33voices interviews Kevin Allen, author of The Buoyant Leader.

Connect to the heart

One of the greatest corporate campaigns of all time has undoubtedly been Mastercard’s Priceless campaign.  Not only has it become top of mind, it has earned Mastercard the top spot as Fortune’s most admired credit card company.  Kevin Allen, the architect behind that campaign, credits discovering Mastercard’s hidden agenda as the key to winning the deal; “We need to score a victory over Visa in the marketplace and in doing so be famous for it… but the odds are stacked against us.”  It doesn’t matter if you’re delivering the pitch of a lifetime or simply having a conversation with your son or daughter; the only way you’re going make an impact is to connect to the heart.  Here’s how Kevin wins business and creates a following….