The Gift of Adversity

Norman Rosenthal

with Norman Rosenthal

Internationally Acclaimed Psychiatrist

The Gift of Adversity

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33voices interviews world renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Norman Rosenthal.


Living in Transcendence

What’s the biggest difference between experiencing a bad day and living in bliss?  If you read Dr. Norman Rosenthal’s book – Transcendence:  Healing And Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation, you might just be convinced that it’s 20 minutes.  That’s the timeframe that you would spend in a relaxed state repeating a simple mantra designed to help you connect with your inner greatness.  This is, of course, The Transcendental Meditation technique – TM.

As one of the most respected and trusted psychiatrist on the planet, Dr. Rosenthal brilliantly captures the essence and power that TM has on our brains, our health and overall quality of life.  He often says that “…the greatest rewards of mediation, arise from effects that carry over beyond the actual meditative state into your waking life – a state known as cosmic consciousness.”  A single session of TM changes the brain and many will begin to feel a sense of calm that’s enough to relieve the most difficult of stresses.

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