Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power

Bill Schley

with Bill Schley

Co-Founder, BrandTeamSix

Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power

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33voices, interviews Bill Schley, author of The Unstoppables.

The Unstoppables

In business, as in life, your emotions are likely to have a disproportionate impact on your outcomes.  As human beings, our emotions vary from moment to moment; and although they come and go unconsciously; they influence each step that we take. Entrepreneurs in particular, have to constantly battle the emotion of fear – sometimes, its the fear of going where no one has been; the fear of not succeeding; or ultimately, the fear of being alone. 

Still, as I look at those whom I most admire, I see a distinct thinking pattern; First, I see individuals who are supremely focused and excel at separating the truly essential from the less important.  Next, I see leaders who make it their priority to first and foremost lead themselves.  And finally, I see overachievers who rarely look to the outside world for validation; because to them, success is highly personal and is a direct measure of their self-worth. 

One shining example is Rackspace Founder, Graham Weston, who’s profiled in Bill Schley‘s book, The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Powers.  It turns out that what makes ordinary people Unstoppable isn’t something they learned in business school. Instead, its what they call ’emotional mechanics’ and here’s how you can tap it.