Creating Financial Freedom for Yourself

Kate Northrup

with Kate Northrup

Welness Entrepreneur, Author of Money: A Love Story

Creating Financial Freedom for Yourself

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33voices, interviews Kate Northrup, Welness Entrepreneur and author of Money: A Love Story.

Money: A love story

Having spend a quarter of a century in Finance, I’ve seen the good, bad and the ugly of people’s relationship with money.  There’s tremendous misconception about the role money plays in our lives, and most of it is self-inflicted.  

Far too many of us believe that money buys happiness, and while it certainly changes our vantage point – financial success can be as harmful as it is prosperous.  The one certainty about money that I’ve come to appreciate is how personal it is.  Each one of us have a highly subjective relationship with money, but the irony is that few of us ever really take the time to understand it.  

In her book, Money:  A love StoryKate Northrup demonstrates what happens when love and money intersect – and, not surprisingly, it starts with you. Here’s why.