Focus Lessons to Supercharge Your Startup

Jenny Lefcourt

with Jenny Lefcourt

Partner at Freestyle Capital

Focus Lessons to Supercharge Your Startup

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Jenny and Jenna reflect on three fundraising, leadership, and prioritization lessons Jenny’s gleaned as a serial entrepreneur and Partner at Freestyle Capital.

Learning Points

  • Jenny’s light bulb focus moment and how she learned which tasks to prioritize; “These are the things that will make or break your business.”
  • The power of working backwards; Ask yourself – Where do I want to be a year from now? What metrics do I need to achieve to get there?  
  • How to prepare for your startup pitch – Practice really does make perfect
  • Interpreting VC behavior – “Talk is cheap. Action and time are everything.” 
  • Why Jenny would have raised less money for; “Too much capital doesn’t create the discipline that startups need.” 
  • Making the right financial bets at your startup; “Use your capital as ammunition, not oxygen.”