From The Dish Room To The Board Room

Cameron Mitchell

with Cameron Mitchell

Founder & CEO, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

From The Dish Room To The Board Room

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CEO and founder of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR), Cameron Mitchell joins Moe Abdou to discuss his unrelenting path towards entrepreneurial success.  

From The Dish Room To The Board Room

For those who know Cameron Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, you’re likely not surprised by the title of his forth coming book – Yes is the Answer!  What’s The Question?:  How Faith in People and a Culture of Hospitality Built A modern American Restaurant Company – but to the rest of us not as familiar with his journey, we’ll be inspired by his remarkable tenacity, entrepreneurial fortitude, and his unrelenting will to continually remake himself and his company.  

Mitchell is not the first high school dropout to turn his life around, still the manner by which he reframed his troubled childhood is the type of fuel that each of us can leverage when we find ourselves trapped in our own thinking.  In this segment of our interview, we unpack the emotional turmoil that one faces when dealing with life-altering decisions and how by simply writing down your goals, you can ignite the physiological shift that you need to redesign the very essence of your life.  Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss: 

  • Learning to rise above obstacles 
  • The real reason we’re influenced by those around us 
  • Responding to your moment of truth  
  • Getting serious about setting goals that matter 
  • Building a purpose-driven company
  • Being deliberate about remaking yourself 
  • The contagious impact of giving 
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