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Future Strong

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Moe and Bill Jensen catch up and talk about how to work unleashed, lead boldly, and live life your way.

Be Future Strong

A survey on the global agenda was revealed at this year’s World Economic Forum reporting an astonishing 86% of those surveyed convinced that we are in the midst of a worldwide leadership crisis.  Certainly, the issues at play here are focused much more on a political agenda, still it paints a startling picture of the gap that exists between what society expects from its leaders and the behavior of such individuals. As the report indicates “this shows us that we need to foster a culture where people see integrity and empathy as key character traits, where talent can rise up.  Than the power of ordinary people will grow, great things will happen, and great leaders will emerge.”  What this survey confirms for me is simply the fact that this generation of leaders are failing miserably at preparing the next generation to take over.  

It was serendipitous that I stumbled upon this survey, because after reading Bill Jensen’s latest book, Future Strong, I was facilitating a conversation with an aspiring group of millennial leaders when I recognized how much more powerful they become collectively.  By now, we know how much purpose matters to them; and because they thrive on doing what the generations before could never do, no problem is too big for them to tackle.  

There are two fundamental disciplines that govern Jensen’s thesis:  First, that the future of work will be highly personal; and secondly, is an unwavering belief in each of us that we already possess the courageous ability to capture the future you desire.  At first glance, these may seem too easy; but in typical Jensen fashion, if you can hack success, why wouldn’t you?  

Here’s what we discuss:   

  • What we learned about the future of work in 2015

  • The discipline of staying relevant

  • How progressive leaders define modern workplace environments

  • What a generation of doers expect from its leaders

  • The correlation between vulnerability and success

  • Choosing hardships with intent and consistency

  • Developing the “I have your back bonds”

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