Giving Everyone a Personal Health Assistant

Geoff Clapp

with Geoff Clapp

Co-Founder and CEO of Better

Giving Everyone a Personal Health Assistant

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Moe and Geoff Clapp discuss how Better is solving the American health care system and putting a nurse in your pocket.

The Future of Private Health Care

In late 2001, a senior executive of a prominent global enterprise whom I was advising was preparing for an extended overseas trip that would take him to 15 countries over the course of 45 days. Having just turned 66, he was in superb physical health with the physique & energy of a 30 year old, still it was corporate protocol to coordinate any potential medical contingency with his private physician.

It was at that time that I learned about and gained an immense appreciation for the value of concierge medicine or VIP healthcare. For an enrollment fee that can range upwards of $50,000 and a monthly membership, each member will have access to a personal health advisor who will not only help them navigate through their most challenging of healthcare issues, more importantly, they will consolidate and synchronize their medical records into a seamless file that can be accessed and shared in real time, anywhere in the world.  For the upper echelon who can afford it, its a tempting luxury that’s difficult to ignore, but for the rest of the world, Geoffrey Clapp gives you a much Better alternative.  See for yourself.