Helping Diners Skip the Line

Robb Myer

with Robb Myer

President & Chief Product Officer at NoWait

Helping Diners Skip the Line

Helping Diners Skip the Line 380 500 33Voices

Chase and Jenna chat with Robb Myer to find out how NoWait seats 6 million guests every month, and more than 60 million to date.

Iterating a Simple Solution

Between the Fueled team iterating Porsche and Ducati apps every two weeks and Sam Rosen testing his idea for MakeSpaceEric Ries’ lean methodology is a recurring theme in our Founders series. NoWait co-founder Robb Myer similarly ascribes to the mentality and emphasizes the importance of product managers experimenting to best understand consumer needs.

As a product manager, Myer encourages startup founders to release beta versions of their product to local clients and to monitor their engagement with the service. By identifying and targeting local vendors’ needs product managers can immerse themselves in the users’ perspective rather than assuming how to best solve their problems. NoWait currently serves thousands of restaurants, such as The Misfit and First Watch and Myer attributes the company’s success to constantly iterating a simple and targeted solution for user needs. For more on product management and how to lead design and engineer teams tune into Episode 711.