How Box is Transforming Your Business

Jeetu Patel

with Jeetu Patel

SVP of Platform and Chief Strategy Officer at Box

How Box is Transforming Your Business

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Jeetu and Jenna discuss how both startups and large organizations can compete in disruptive markets. 

Learning Points

  • Ripple Effect examples from Uber: If UberEats takes off will we still have kitchens in 10 years? (More from Jeetu on The Ripple Effects in the auto industry here.) 
  • The need for internal change agents – “Individuals who imagine a tomorrow that is different than today” – and how to lead them 
  • Why intrapreneurship is your competitive advantage; “You need people who completely and fundamentally challenge every assumption your business is built on….Give them enough space not to be squashed by the status quo.”
  • Netflix’s evolution and how the company recreated their business model three times; “Companies that are paranoid and see the world from a customer value before their own potential do far better those that think of their potential first and then see how customers fit into the equation.”
  • Knowing when to sweat the details and how they do it at Box; For example, they have a team dedicated to developer experience, even down to creating world-class documentation, to best support their needs.
  • For a deeper dive into Jeetu’s Top 10 Lessons from Technology Leaders on Digital Transformation download his eBook here.