How Coolhaus Changed the Ice Cream World

Natasha Case

with Natasha Case

Co-founder & CEO of Coolhaus & Host of the Start to Sale podcast

How Coolhaus Changed the Ice Cream World

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Natasha and Jenna walk through Coolhaus’ journey from their first viral hits at Coachella to becoming a beloved brand sold in over 5,000 retailers internationally.

Learning Points

  • Why you should say yes to all media opportunities, no matter how small; “Always give everyone an equal chance.” 
  • Letting your audience choose you, how that manifests at Coolhaus, and tips to cater to vastly different demographics
  • How to harness social media to communicate with and understand your consumers; “Put your pride aside and just listen.”
  • Each step of the scaling process – From Coolhaus’ second truck to being sold internationally in places like Bahrain and Qatar
  • Navigating the grocery world, Coolhaus’ first 100 stores, and deciding the right markets to expand to today
  • Natasha’s efforts building the Coolhaus sales team; “If the sales aren’t happening it’s not a business it’s a hobby.”