How Hint Water Inspired a Health Movement

Kara Goldin

with Kara Goldin

CEO and Founder of Hint

How Hint Water Inspired a Health Movement

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Kara and Jenna discuss Hint’s mission to build a lifestyle brand that empowers consumers to be happier and healthier.

Learning Points

  • The inspiration for Hint and Kara’s personal journey optimizing her family’s health
  • Hint’s commitment to foster a holistic health community rather than solely creating a beverage
  • How the team created a brand where consumers feel like they have their back
  • Continuing to deliver on the promise of serving consumers the highest quality products, when they need them and in the place that is most convenient for their lifestyle
  • The team’s work “babysitting and incubating” the product and why patience is critical for brands that are ahead of the curve
  • Why Kara self financed the business the first few years and how it enabled the team to sustainably grow the company