How Love Became Poshmark’s Enduring Advantage

Manish Chandra

with Manish Chandra

Founder and CEO of Poshmark

How Love Became Poshmark’s Enduring Advantage

How Love Became Poshmark’s Enduring Advantage 800 1200 33Voices

Manish Chandra and Jenna discuss Poshmark’s newest product Poshmark Stylist Match: the first ever voice-enabled social styling engine. We chat about the journey from personally recruiting their first 800 customers to working closely with a community of 3 million seller stylists who spend an average of 25 minutes a day on Poshmark. Manish walks us through the state of social commerce and how the team views Poshmark “as a new kind of social mall that brings communities of people across the country together” and their plans “to grow together as a highly distributed but connected entity.” We unpack how Poshmark’s values lead with love, love is longevity, and embrace your weirdness help everyone on their team and platform turn what they are afraid of into their greatest growth opportunity, as well as why it is essential that the only way to succeed on Poshmark is to lift others up — The symbiotic cycle fuels the community. Manish also shares two moving stories about Poshmark in real life about a woman who used her earnings to transition her family from being homeless to being able to afford a home and another seller stylist who used Poshmark to help her child and her escape from an abusive relationship.